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Yaltacraft 2200 Deluxe

The West Australian, August 11, 2012

Yalta 2200 Deluxe

The Yalta 2200 is ideal, both for those long-distance fishing trips and fun family days on the water.

Queensland's Yalta Craft holds the distinction of winning W.A. Imported Boat of the Year for 2011 - for the 2000 Fisherman. Today's review boat is it's big sister, the Fisherman 2200, and we are on the Deluxe version which boasts a few extra luxuries that make this craft a great blue-water performer but also doubles as a good family boat.

The same craftsmanship that took out honours on the 2000 has been built into the 2200 version, but the Deluxe model gives you that extra cushioning in the full-length bunks in the cabin, upholstered padded coamings to lean against along the cockpit sides, a fibreglass targa used to affix a locally produced canopy, plus rear shade awning, hydraulic steering rather than the standard mechanical linkage, plus a few other niceties appreciated when you're out on the water all day.

Yalta does make other sports model boats, including a bowrider and the 1800 Allrounder, but the bigger craft are designed for the fishing enthusiast. The 2200 comes with a 22-degree variable deadrise to handle the messy stuff offshore pluse acute reverse chines to help prevent that rock'n'rolling when the vessel is at rest or drifting over a favourite location.

A beam of 2.3m (7ft7in in the old measurement)gives plenty of space int he cockpit to move around and there is underfloor storage that can be used to load up with gear for those long-distance hauls up north on the annual fishing trip. Take the bung out to store the catch.

There's a two-piece rear lounge for family picnic outings with heaps of storage underneath in the moulded bins that support the upholstery. Good for dive or snorkelling equipment. Once anchored up in location, the bins can be unclipped and moved into the cabin to free up the whole transom.

The aft section would be a delight for fishers with live bait tanks either side of the engine well plus a removable deluxe version baitboard. It's more of the fish station, with hinged cutting board to the left and a shallow sink on the right - handy to keep the bait fresh in an ice slurry. Lifting the cutting board reveals a bank of six wells to store lures, hooks and extra sinkers.

Two rod-holders complete the package so there is somewhere to store your rod during re-baiting or when changing rigs. Of course the whole contraption converts into a handy servery when dishing up a snack for the kids during those fun days in the sun.

One of the twin tanks built into the transom can be plumbed and used to keep your bait live and fresh while the other doubles as an ice box to store drinks.

A folding ladder is fixed to the transom and marlin board and swimmers can use the engine well as a step to get in and out of the vessel. The fuel refill is also located here foe easy access back at the service station. The Yalta Craft 2200 Deluxe comes with a 180-litre fuel capacity, giving plenty of range for those extended fishing expeditions.

Up front there is a big hatch in the cabin roof to get access to the anchor well and bowsprit. The raised roof in the cabin provides good head room in the step-down area and spacious side pockets will come in very handy.


A tough blue-water rig, delivering space and a soft ride plus family luxuries.

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