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Boat City is your one stop Dinghy Shop.

Boat City is proud to be your local dealer for Stessco Aluminium Boats and Dinghies. We have a dinghy to suit everyones needs, from the Cartopper to a whopping 5.4m Outsider open boat, you will find the right tiller steer dinghy for you. We also stock the ever popular Polycraft 3.0m Tuff Tender. These "tuff" as nails dinghies are great as a tender to a larger vessel, as the plastic hull will not damage either boat and the Tuff Tender is immune to punctures.
Or if you are chasing a serious dinghy, we have the "Series II" range of Coraline Wahoo plate dinghies. These really are the cream of the crop for versatility and strength.

Boat City Wahoo Dinghy

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Whether you prefer a simple dinghy, a plate aluminium fishing boat, or a fibreglass cruising boat, our range is sure to impress.

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Yamaha Outboard Motor


When you're buying the best boat or dinghy, it needs to be powered by a Yamaha outboard motor.

Yamaha Outboard Motors
Boat Trailer


From a "tinnie" to the "Island-hopper", We can provide you with the right trailer for your boat or dinghy.

Dunbier Boat Trailers
Boat City Coraline & Yamaha

Coraline & Yamaha - The perfect match!

Boat City is Perth's premier dealer for Coraline Boats, which we match with the ever-reliable Yamaha range of outboard motors. We currently have a variety of sizes and layouts in our showroom to suit anyone's requirements, and your choice of arrangement and options is limited only by your imagination.
There's the choice of Open boat, Runabout, Centre or Side Console in each model of Coraline's "Series" Range. The fantastic mid-sized Explorer and Bowrider range, sized from 4.75m to 5.5m are truly beautiful examples of craftsmanship. If you prefer heading further into the wild blue yonder, Coraline's Oceanrunner, Walkaround & SF ranges will get you there in comfort, whilst providing an unbelievable amount of deck space for you and your fishing buddies. Or are you looking for the "weekender"? We even have that covered with the large Outsider range, available in 7.5, 8.0m and 8.6m, and has all the trimmings needed to make your trip effortless. We can also customise each layout at your request. Click here to see them in action.
We also stock Polycraft Boats, Stessco Dinghies and Yaltacraft. So why put it offany longer? Come and see the friendly team to help make your boating dreams a reality.

Boat City Yamaha - Perfect Match

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